Patient Portal

The portal provides you with your health information.


Patient Portal is your personal view into the electronic medical record that your hospital, doctors, and nurses use to manage and document your care.

Cerner Patient Portal will allow you to view results of your most recent tests, see the date and time of your next schedule appointment, message your physician’s office, receive messages from your physician, or request a prescription refill.

Ahealthelifell patients using patient portal may:

• View your test results online

• Track and review your records 24/7

• Securely communicate with your physician or the clinic staff

• Request/change appointments

• Submit pharmacy renewal requests


New? Learn how to sign up!

Read the instructions below to learn how.

How To Get Started

1. All we need is for you to sign the enrollment form, verify your personal information and provide an email address.

2. You will then receive an email invitation. You need to follow the instructions in the invitation to activate your account

–The message will come from “IQHealth (”

–You must do this for each account you request (for each child or family member).

Note: Check your spam folder if you do not see a message in your inbox within the next two days.

Inbox and Secure Messaging

patientportalWhen you logon to IQHealth, you can click on “Inbox and Secure Messaging” where any unread messages from your physician’s office will be displayed.

From here, you can choose to send a message to your physician’s nurse or send a message to request a prescription renewal. All messages sent and received through IQHealth Patient Portal are secure, however, please note that your physician’s nursing staff may help triage your messages to and from the doctor.

When a new message arrives in your inbox, an email alert is sent to the email address you provided when you set up your IQHealth account.

Please feel free to ask questions about your visit through patient portal.


By selecting “appointments,” you can request a new appointment, reschedule, or cancel an appointment.

Clinical Results

You can view lab results such as blood work. Your doctor’s office will still contact you to discuss any results that are considered out of range, but you’ll be able to access your results online, print and track them over time.

Please note: IQHealth does not present your complete medical record. If you need a complete record, you will need to contact your physician clinic.

Manage Other Accounts

With proper consent, you can see medical records of family members. Caregivers can manage the healthcare of loved ones privately and conveniently.

Need Help?

Need Help? For help during login or for assistance using the site, please call our toll free support number, 1-877-621-8014 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What If I Forgot My IQHealth Password?

Simply visit: and choose the “Forgot your password?” link. Follow the instructions to go through the process of resetting your password.

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